The Ulster Regency

It all started with a nomadic chieftain that found a great wall in the midst of a verdant land. His family dug the first foundation, built the first permanent dwelling, and gave birth the the nation of Stonewall. That man was Harmon Ulster, the Fist Of The Land, and so began the line of regents that persisted for many centuries and was only sundered in recent history.

Under his rule the community thrived and word spread of the villages being built around the wall. His people multiplied and were joined by other traveling cultures as they were discovered. Harmon ruled with a passion and zeal that inspired his people. He had a passion for boxing, and would engage rivals in friendly matches at any opportunity. They say he was never beaten, and so it came to pass that his legend traveled on the wind to other nations.

By the time Harmon Ulster was in the Autumn of his years his little foundling nation had grown from horizon to horizon. With the help of the Kaal family of merchants, all of the new towns were connected by trade routes and commerce was brisk and spirited. However, even the hale and vibrant Harmon eventually began to succumb to old age and it was apparent that his rule would soon be over. Nobody questioned that the nation would pass to his son upon his death, for the boy was a mirror of his father and every bit as kind hearted and noble. So it came to pass that Harmon shuffled off his mortal coil and the mantle of leadership passed to his son, Jorman Ulster.

It was at this time that a cleric of St. Zirnistra approached Jarmon and offered him a gift of great power, an artifact that would be tuned to the strength of the nation and only be held by the rightful ruler of Stonewall. In honor of Harmon, the artifact was revealed to be a large metal fist. Unwieldy and heavy, it had to be moved by cart except when worn by Jarmon, would could lift it as easily as a silk glove.

And so it was that the first male son of each Ulster regent inherited the Fist and the land. It was a chain that remained unbroken until recent history when Joss Ulster, the rightful regent and bearer of the Fist, fell ill with a wasting disease and passed away before giving birth to a male son. The heir to the land was unclear for the first time in history. His younger brother Thayne Ulster IV claimed the throne for lack of a better option but was opposed by the son of Henrietta – Freystal Kaal. Rather, the Kaal family put forth the claim on the boy’s behalf, as he was a child of eight when the succession took place.

Neither man was able to lift the Fist, and so both claims seem to have equal merit. The Ulsters were loath to give over the country to a boy of a different name, and a rift was created between to two families. It is this rift that led to the separation of the land. The Kaals on the west side of the wall and the Ulsters on the other.

That was 40 years ago and Thayne Ulster IV is now an elderly man. Although he bore five sons during his lifetime, the last rumored to be an incestuous product of a tryst with an Ulster sister of his, none of them have been legitimized by the Fist, and the question of who will inherit his half of the nation upon his passing is a pressing and immediate concern among the clergy of the Church.

The Ulster Regency

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