Saint of Nature – St. Nemetona
A female Elf, Nemetona is also called The Peerless Hunter. Her legendary longbow is named Quel’hinn.

Saint of Death – The Quiet King

Saint of War – Saint Vernostan

Saint of Creation and Birth – St. Damona
A female Human, also known as the First Mother.

Saint of Light/Sun – St. Belisamis
A male Human, St. Belisamis is often called upon in prayer to provide spiritual illumination as well as physical light. A wise course of action is often referred to as “walking the Sun Saint’s path.” Wields a glowing bastard sword called “Illuminar” and is a fierce warrior against the Void.

Saint of Magic – Saint Zirnitra

Saint of Justice – St. Taranis
A male Dragonborn, St. Taranis is believed to be a humorless and unforgiving judge, but also wise. Believed to be able to see through any falsehood, he is also known as the Bane of Liars.

Saint of Healing – St. Sirona
A female Human, known to manifest with a longsword and shield to defend the wounded charges of dedicated physicians.

Saint of Medicine – St. Moritasgus
A male Human, the patron saint of herbalists and village doctors. Serves St. Sirona and often manifests by her side.

Saint of Love & Beauty – St. PalamÄ“
A female Elf, sometimes thought to be a Half-Elf. Capricious a fleeting, her manifestations are said to herald a wide variety of events. Also a passionate warrior who wields a long spear when called to combat the Void.

Saint of Soldiers – Saint Bel

Saint of Smiths & Craftsmen – St. Gob
A male dwarf, St. Gob is also called Gob Forgeborn. Said to be able to work steel with his bare hands.

Saint of the Night – St. SaulÄ—
A female Eladrin, probably worshiped by the widest variety of supplicants and in the most different ways. Called the patron Saint of thieves, assassins, prostitution, and other such denizens but also revered by night watchmen, gamblers, and sailors. She is said to manifest in places where she cannot be seen, so stories of her involvement in mortal affairs are wildly circulated and exaggerated.

Saint of Holy Revenge – St. Aier
A female Human, said to be a battle Sergeant under Saint Cassiel in life.

Saint of the Sea and of Sailors – St. Icovellauna
A female human, it is said that the highest form of worship to her is calling her name in the throes of a storm. Said to manifest to man positions on a ship vacated by sailors thrown overboard by weather.

Saint of the Holy Beer – St. Lata
A female Dwarf also known as the Brewmistress. Monasteries dedicated to her dot the lands, and her followers perfect the science of of growing, cultivating, and fermenting grain and fruit. These compounds also teach the art of sport brawling and often hold competitions that are attended by the public from far and wide.


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