Saint Zirnitra

Saint of Magic, The Once-Blessed

From a time before history was written, Zirnitra was. He is the vessel through which magic pours and the conduit through which it is channelled back to the Source and out again, in a never-ending cycle. Legend has it that Zirnitra is the only Saint outside the ordinary purview of God, that he is immune to God’s wrath but also apart from God’s love. At one time, he was the best and most loved of all the Saints, sitting at God’s Left Hand, interpreting the Holy Word and issuing forth the Sacred Laws. Zirnitra was the mouthpiece for God. This was in a time before the earthly races discovered magic.

Zirnitra harbored a secret in his heart. As time passed and he spoke the Sacred Laws, he began to imagine Laws of his own. But he did not speak them. Instead, he wrote them in secret and kept them close. (In such a way is Zirnitra also thought to protect spies and scribes.) Over the centuries, he amassed a secret library of teachings, a new way of observing Nature and the Universe, new Laws apart from the Laws of God. These teachings have since come to be called the Black Inscriptions, for they were inscribed in silence and in the deep darks of the Abode of Stars, away from the eyes of God.

Yet God’s love is blind. And though He is infallible, He did not choose to see the Error of Zirnitra. Instead, Zirnitra found himself apart from the Left Hand, suddenly and with no cause. God’s presence had simply been withdrawn.

Zirnirtra called into the emptiness beyond himself. Nine times he called to his Father in sorrow; nine times he called to his Father in vain. These were the Nine Evocations of Zirnitra. And nine times he inscribed the prayers of his own devising into the aethers; nine times were his prayers dispersed amongst the aethers with no response. These were the Nine Scripts of Zirnitra.

In grief, Zirnitra fled the Heavenly Palace and took refuge among the lands of the earthly races. He took with him the Black Inscriptions and sought refuge in the rock of the earth. There he constructed a shelter for himself and his library. He spoke his new Laws and the stones moved and reshaped themselves. And though such actions were an affront to God’s Laws, God did not choose to see the Error of Zirnitra for He loved Zirnitra above all other Saints, though he was forever apart from Him.

Soon, the Laws of Zirnitra began to make themselves known to the hearts of the earthly races. Those who could feel the Laws approached the Abode of Zirnitra and sought to learn from him. And Zirnitra, though knowing that the teaching of these Laws would be a great affront to the Laws of God, did teach them anyway, for he saw in the earthly races a spark of divine understanding. He undertook the task himself to be the teacher.

Centuries passed and the teachings of Zirnitra spread amongst all the people of the lands of the earth. Still, it is said, to this day, Zirnitra sits in his Abode amongst the tomes of his library, dispensing the Laws of Magic to the earthly races. And forever he waits in his sorrow for a reconciliation that will never come.

Saint Zirnitra

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