Saint Cassiel

The Keeper of the Message, The Heavenly Rider

Saint Cassiel appears as a tall and serene man exuding a massive but quiet strength. Resplendent in the ceremonial armor and vestments of a high priest, he appears to his followers rarely and only when he is most needed. His role is to lead from above, guiding the hearts of his followers but allowing them to ultimately choose their own path. As the patron of the Church of Cassiel, he is revered in many lands.

The stories tell of a fearless but humble cavalryman, utterly devoted to the holy war he was conscripted to fight in. They tell of the dreams he was given and of the structure and teachings that were passed to him directly from God. They tell how his sermons on the battlefield helped rally his troops to prevail although they were few against many. And thus the Church of Cassiel, an organization that spans many nations and languages, was born.

Other tales tell of his true love, lost as her village was razed by a marauding horde and how Cassiel and his unit rode through the night to reach them but were too late. One rose bush survived the fires that consumed her garden which he wore on his breast from that day forward. It never faded and was still with him when he ascended to Sainthood. Each of his churches grow a rose bush to honor the love of Cassiel, though her name has long been lost to history.

Much has been written about Cassiel, mostly describing his humble leadership and unmatched equestrian skill. Those who devote themselves to the martial branch of the Church, known as the Order of the Crossed Rose, make up the most elite cavalry fighters in the world. They are seen as bastions of virtue, ambassadors of goodwill, icons of peace, and fierce foes of all that threaten creation.

Saint Cassiel

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