Saint Bel

Saint of Soldiers

Some say that he stood in the ranks as Vernostan gave the order to hold. Not for glory, or honor, or fame…but because that was the order given. Others tell a tale of a faceless Centurion in the army of the Quiet King who stood his ground while a numberless host marched forward. Those who follow St.Belisamis speak of his “brother” who went into the wilderness, bringing light to those in Darkness. St.Gob is believed to have garnered no small amount of fame for crafting the arms that enabled Bel and his ilk to succeed against all odds.

Regardless of affiliation, nearly all sects recognize St.Bel as an adjunct to theirs; St. Damona “knew” him…St.Sirona comforted him in his final hours. Those who take up the sword in defense of Home and Hearth know him as a neighbor and brother. Those who heed the call to war from their lord stand side-by-side with him. Some who dedicate their lives to St. Aier swear that they have counted Bel amongst their numbers as they have meted out Her sentence….

The conflict that set Bel apart from “regular” men is lost to history…and no-one is more favorable to that than the Saint of Soldiers Himself. The Act that transformed him from mere mortal to Sainthood is lost in the annals of History…but it suffices to say that Bel stood his ground as he was Ordered, because it was Right.

Those who encounter St.Bel feel a sense of familiarity with him…he may not being someone that they can specifically name, but they know him somehow.

Saint Bel

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