Stonewall is a country made up of two kingdoms tucked between the Cloudpeak Mountains to the west, Khoburn’s Sword to the north, and the shore of the Great Inland Sea that forms its east and south borders. Gently rolling and verdant hilly plains make up the majority of the landscape in Stonewall between a few scattered forests, rivers, and lakes. Its most prominent landmark, however, is the massive wall that bisects the entire land in a gentle arc from the very northeast corner to the westerly south shore of the Inland Sea. The wall has been there since before modern history and is the very feature which gives this region its name. Two major rivers, The Ride and The Green Hygre, meander their way from the mountains to the ocean. One major lake, The Darkwater, is situated among the hills in the western highlands.

The climate in Stonewall is wet and temperate. The Summer months are mild and filled with overcast days and surprise rain showers. The Fall brings dense fog and cool weather. Winters are cold, with snow constantly covering the land at the wall and to the west while the east and south are beset with freezing rains and high winds. Spring brings the most rain of all, but bright sunny days punctuate the torrential downpours.

The land is populated mostly by small rural villages and hamlets (one example being Brindol), with the major cities being the capitol, the two port cities, and the new capitol of the western kingdom: a boom town built around a freshly erected castle. Two major roads lead from the port cities to the capitol city, with the rest of the villages connected by a network of well worn wagon paths that snake through the hills. The people of Stonewall are mostly humans – fair skinned folk who make their living working the land or by craft. They have known mostly peace in their lifetime despite the uneasy relations between the two kingdoms but tales of darker things reach even the most frontier of farmhouses.

Elsir Vale

The Ulster Regency

The Kaal Dynasty


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